Hudson Area Ambulance

Billing Policies

We collect to better serve, we do not serve to collect

Because the purpose of the Hudson Area Ambulance is to meet the emergent pre-hospital health care needs of our service area, we must maintain a solid financial posture in order to continue offering high quality services.  This involves the adoption of firm but fair policies for the collection of patient accounts.  It is our goal to collect, with compassion, all money owed to us for services provided.

Billing Practices

Field personnel will only request insurance and other needed information required by the billing department to assure accurate billing of the services rendered.  All questions regarding charges, insurance coverage, and billing issues should be referred to the Hudson Area Ambulance billing office.  Patients, guardians, and family may contact our billing clerk, at 517-448-2231 ext. 1006, or at  The Hudson Area Ambulance will not engage in collections for service at the scene, en route to the scene or upon delivery of the patient.  The Hudson Area Ambulance Service accepts assignment from Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, and most third party payers.

The following are the basic billing and collection policies of the Hudson Area Ambulance Service:

Ambulance Billing Clerk

Phone:  517-448-2231 ext. 1006

Fax:  517-448-5878